Sudan is one of the largest producers of sesame seeds worldwide.
The quality and quantity of the sesame seeds is a key reason for the high demand for one of Sudan’s leading commodities.
Hundreds of thousands of tonnes are exported yearly.
Depending on the customer, the seeds can be used as they are or used in several oil forms for medicines, food and other uses.

To assure the quality of our product; we established our own cleaning plant built on 1500 Sq. M, producing 140 MT/day.
We exporting  two types of sesame seeds, Whitish & Reddish. 
Our total annual exportation is 19,000 MT (12,000 Whitish / 7,000 Reddish). 

Main Markets: 
– China
– India
– Egypt
– Tunisia 
– Algeria 
– Turkey

Key Benefits:
• Contains phytosterols that lowers cholesterol
• Hormone balance
• Maintains blood pressure
• Contains vitamins and minerals

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