Gum Arabic is one of the most important commodities in the world. It is the key ingredient for soft drinks, medicine, candy, make up, paint, glue and much more. Gum Arabic is a stabilizer, which comes from the acacia tree.

Depending on the purpose, it can be used in its stone-like form or processed into a powder.
Sudan has over 70% of the worlds Gum Arabic, focused on two levels:
– Acacia Senegal (Grade A) and Acacia
– Seyal (Grade B). The Gum Arabic in Sudan

is unmatched worldwide.

Key Benefits:
•High levels of Calcium
•Contains natural soluble fibers
•Contains components that reduce urea in the blood
•Reduces glycemic index of foods
•No side effects
•No taste
•Is clear when mixed
•Very soluble

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