Sesame Seeds

Sudan is one of the largest producers of sesame seeds worldwide.
The quality and quantity of the sesame seeds is a key reason forthe high demand for one of Sudan’s leading commodities.
Hundreds of thousands of tonnes are exported yearly.
Depending on the customer, the seeds can be used as they are orused in several oil forms for cooking and other uses. There are twotypes of sesame seeds, White and Brown.
Key Benefits:
• Contains phytosterols that lowers cholesterol

• Hormone balance

• Maintains blood pressure
• Contains vitamins and minerals

Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is one of the most important commodities in the world. It is the key ingredient for soft

 drinks, medicine, candy, make up, paint, glue and much more. Gum Arabic is a stabiliser, which comes from the acacia tree. Depending on the purpose, it can be used in its stone-like form or processed into a powder.
Sudan has over 70% of the worlds Gum arabic, focused on two levels; Acacia Senegal (Grade A) and Acacia Seyal
(Grade B). The gum arabic in Sudan is unmatched worldwide.
Key Benefits:
•High levels of Calcium
•Contains natural soluble fibres
•Contains components that reduce
urea in the blood
•Reduces glycemic index of foods
•No side effects
•No taste
•Is clear when mixed
•Very soluble
and many more…

Hibiscus comes from the unrivalled sacred fields of Sudan. It maintains a unique and radiant 

flavour and colour, with many uses. It can be used as a flavouring in drinks such as tea and juices. Additionally, hibiscus is used in medication and many other products worldwide, due to its long list of health benefits.
Sudan has the finest quality of Hibiscus, enriched with colour and taste.
Key Benefits:
• Maintains blood pressure
• Maintains cholesterol
• Contains acids beneficial for
cancer prevention • Boosts the immune system
• Great flavour
And many more…


we are involved in providing best quality HPS groundnuts. Available in counts 60 – 70, 70 – 80, 80 – 90 / ounce, these are most suitable for food and confectionery industries.
Special care is taken to ensure that all our procurement made are from crops grown in ideal soil condition for groundnuts. By offering best quality products, we have garnered many clients in Asian countries. Our range is known for its excellent color, purity & freshness and offered in various specifications. The Java Type HPS Groundnut Kernels (Peanuts) Groundnuts, offered by us are grown in Sudan